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Easier Corrosives Level Measurement

The Levelese Level Sensor-Transmitter for Corrosive Service has been specifically designed for highly corrosive applications, such as concentrated acids or caustics in moist, salt atmosphers.
Features include:
  • Inert Engineered Plastic Body
  • NEMA4X Dual Comparment Electronics & Terminal Block Enclosure
  • Viton®,HDPE, 316 SS & Ceramic Wetted Parts
  • 4" NPT or Flange Connection

Levelese continuous level monitors are:

  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Highly reliable
  • Without moving parts
  • Excellent with foam or turbulent applications
  • Independent of specific gravity
  • With wide rangeablitly from 6 in. to 166 ft.
  • Demonstrating negligible sensing errors
  • Operating in explosive, corrosive and extreme environments


Using the principal of buoyancy the Levelese level measuring system weighs an inert plastic chain, secured below the fluid surface, determines the inverse of liquid level and converts it to an analog, digital or wireless electronic signal for indication, alarming or other uses.

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  • Measurements available long term
  • Lower installation & ownership costs
  • Low maintenance resources required


  • Concentrated and Dilute Acids & Caustics
  • Sour Crude Production Tanks
  • Chemical Tanks & Process Vessels
  • Corrosive Settling Ponds


Level Ranges:
6 in to 166 ft
Absolute depth of fluid does not affect the measured range.

Materials of construction:
Materials of construction: PVC, CPVC, Polycarboinate, Viton®, Stainless steel
Dual compartment polycarbonate housing, NEMA4X, with sealed and separate terminal enclosure.
HDPE Chain
Mounting: 4" NPT Screw Fitting, 150# Flange

Functional Specifications:
Accuracy: Better than 0.15% FS (cumulative)
Linearity: Better than 0.98% FS
Hysteresis: Better than 0.03% FS
Operating Temperature range: -30 to +65 Deg C

Power required: (varies by application)
8 VDC (min) @22 mA for Transmitters
117 VAC, 24 VDC, 12 VDC Display
Rechargeable Batteries
Solar with Batteries

Output, Display, Receiver:
4-20 mA
HART®, Fieldbus© Modbus®, Wireless & Smart 2-Wire Transmitters
Bargraph w/3 Digit Display
4 Digit LCD Display
Multi-point SCADA

Stilling Wells & Mounting Accessories
Pt100 385 RTD DIN B or with 2-5 Point Calibration
Intrinsically Safe Certification for Class I, Div 1, Groups C&D operation

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