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LeveleseTM LevelBestTM Easier Level Measurement for Diesel Tanks
Introducing the Levelese LevelBest continuous, smart liquid level system your your diesel engine tanks and other shallow measurement where space is critical.

The Levelese Compact Mount Level Sensor-Transmitter, LevelBestTM has been specifically designed to accurately gauge diesel engine tanks ranging in depth from 6 inches. Features include:

  • Reliable, accurate level measurement from 4 inch high through 84 inch high tanks.
  • Aluminum body with 3/4, 1-1/2, 2”NPT or SAE 5-Bolt Flange Mounting
  • Integral 4-20 mA signal transmitter operating on 12-26 or 5 VDC
  • HARTTM Calibration and Communications
Levelese continuous level monitors are:
  • Easily Understood
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Highly reliable
  • Without moving parts
  • Excellent with foam or turbulent applications
  • Independent of specific gravity
  • With rangeablitly from 0-4 in to 0-166 ft
  • Demonstrating negligible sensing errors
  • Operating in extreme environments


Using the principal of buoyancy the Levelese level measuring system weighs an inert plastic chain, secured below the fluid surface, determines the inverse of liquid level and converts it to an analog, digital or wireless electronic signal for indication, alarming or other uses.

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Email: info@levelese.com
  • Diesel Engine Tanks
  • Fuel and Water Tanks
  • Tight Fitting Locations
  • Ideal for NFPA-30 Overfill Requirements
Level Ranges 0-4 to 0-84 Inches
Suppressed Zero Ranges
Innage or Outage (Ullage) Signals
Measured Range Unaffected Fluid Depth

Functional Specifications:
Accuracy: Better than ±0.15% FS (cumulative)
Linearity: Better than 0.98% FS
Hysteresis: Better than 0.03% FS
Operating Temperature range: -30 to +65o C
Integrally Mounted Electronics
Forward (Innage) & Reverse (Outage or Ullage)
HARTTM Communications
For Easy Calibration

Materials of construction:

Low copper Aluminum Powder Coated Body
300, 400 Stainless Steel
HDPE Chain
Other Materials Based on Application
3/4", 1-1/2", 2" NPT Screw Fitting
SAE 5-Bolt Pattern Flange Adapter
Standpipe Mounting Extension to 60" Above
Tank Top w/4" Min Fuel Depth Mesurement

Environment Protection:
Field Electronics in NEMA4 Enclosure

Power required:
12-24 Vdc @22 mA, 5Vdc@20 mA
Rechargeable Batteries
Solar with Batteries

Output, Display, Receiver:
4-20 mA, 1 kohm load @ 24 VDC
Modbus® with 4 discrete alarms

Pt100 385 RTD DIN B or with 2-5 Point Calibration
Display with 2 Contact Closures for Alarm & Shutdown
Modbus Module with Quad Alarm Contact Interface
SAE 5-Bolt Pattern Flange Adapter
Standpipe Mounting Extension to 60" Above
Tank Top w/4" Min Fuel Depth Mesurement
Stilling Wells

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