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More Than 10 Years Field Experience!

Introducing the LeveleseTM continuous liquid level system: the simple, price, value and accuracy leader for your liquid level measuring needs.

Specified, patented and designed by engineers with half a century's individual experience in level instrumentation, patented Levelese has been designed to operate in the most stringent environments ranging from marine oil storage, acidic material transportation vessels to rivers and streams. Levelese is not affected by turbulence and the actual depth of the vessel or as in a deep well.

LeveleseTM continuous level monitors are:

  • Easily understood
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Highly reliable
  • Without moving parts
  • Excellent with foam or turbulent applications
  • Independent of specific gravity
  • With wide rangeablitly from 4 in to 166 ft
  • Demonstrating negligible sensing errors
  • Operating in explosive, corrosive and extreme environments


Using the principal of buoyancy the LeveleseTM level measuring system weighs an inert plastic chain, secured below the fluid surface, determines the inverse of liquid level and converts it to an analog, digital or wireless electronic signal for indication, alarming or other uses.

Featured Products

New!! Levelese LevelBestTM Easier Level Measurement Compact Mount for Corrosive Service TM
Designed for caustic and acid service, Especially Diesel Exhaust Fluid
Range: 0-4 Inches to 0-33 Feet
Stainless Steel, Polycarbonate, Titanium, HDPE Materials
NEMA4X Electronics Enclosure
Wide Ambient Temperature Range
Smart 2-wire 4-20 mA outputs with Digital Communications
Auto Zero and Ambient Temperature Compensation

As Seen in September, 2020, Chemical Engineering "A compact level sensor for corrosive service"

LeveleseTM "Ideal for Diesel Engine Tanks" Compact Mount
Ideal for diesel generator tank gauging
Easy meeting NFPA 30 overfill requirements
Accuracy better than 0.15% of span for
tank depth of 4" to 7 ft.
5 VDC & 10-26 VDC power
4-20 mA Output w/1Kohm load @24VDC
Power, 5VDC Power Option
Optional Wireless HART®
Optional Modbus® Output w/discrete alarms
Fits standard 3/4", 1 1/2", 2" NPT and other
connection or SAE 5-Bolt Pattern Flange.

As Seen in
Automation.com, Levelese Weighs in With Tank Level Gauge

LeveleseTM Dual Overfill Sensor & Control

Designed to meet the requirements
of NFPA-30
Complete with Dual Point Level
Switchs & Control Panel
Level Ranges: 6 inches to 7 ft
Switches Adjustable: 0.5 to 8.5 Inches
from tank top
PVC, CPVC, Al, Brass, 316 SS, Buna-N
NEMA 4X Housing
10 mm, 8000 mcd Amber Lamp & Sonalert Audible Alarm
with Silence Button
10 Amp Solenoid Valve Shutoff
Power: 12VDC 24 VDC

Looking for a way to display tank volume with a cylindrical tank when level and tank dimensions are known? Our Smart Levlese products can do the trick.
LevelseTM Linearizing Level to Volume in Horizontal Cylindrical Tanks

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Levelese SMARTTM Well Level Monitor

Levelese SMART Well Level SensorTM, for aquifer and underground pollution plume monitoring and pump control, is easy to install, highly reliable, for wells from 2" in diameter and to depths greater than 2500'. Power may be from solar, batteries or other sources. SMART technology permits surface zero & span adjustment, on-board diagnositcs, high turndown and zero suppression and elevation.
Materials HDPE sensing chain, Aluminum or stain-less steel body.
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Made in USA
All LeveleseTM products are designed and made in Colorado, USA.

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US Government Contractor
LeveleseTM is listed as a Veteran-Female Owned Small Business, CAGE/NCAGE 59GG2

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